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Glass & Glazing

Glass isn't just glass.......there are all sorts of glass for all sorts of situations, requirements and budgets. We also do mirrors. Click on the image to find out about our mirror sizes.

Standard Float Glass

Float glass.jpeg

Standard Float Glass, all frames are quoted to include 2mm thickness standard glass. Larger size frames, typically over 1200mm, has thicker 3mm glass fitted for safety. Although this is quoted as standard glass it is still a quality product free from distortion, inclusions and air pockets.

Invisible Museum Glass


Invisible Museum Glass is a premium product designed to show off your artwork to the full. The glass is based on a low ion water white float glass. This special glass has a coating that is burnt in to the surface at 450˚C This process cuts down reflections to less than 1% (standard glass is approx 8%) and provides protection against UV light of up to 84%, helping to preserve your artwork from fading and deterioration. This glass is virtually invisible in use and has to be seen to be believed.

Non Reflective Glass

Float glass.jpeg

Non reflective glass is similar to standard float glass and is supplied in much the same way. It has an additional process where one side is treated to provide a slight satin finish. Framed to the outside of the frame, the special surface cuts down on reflections. Non reflective glass is a cost effective solution to hanging artwork where problems with reflections can occur.



Glass mirrors manufactured using 4mm glass for safety. Mirrors can be framed in most available mouldings, although larger mouldings tend to look better. Available in a range of stock sizes with or without a ground beveled edge. 

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