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From modern pewters to the more traditional gilt frames, the diverse selection of metallic frames give endless possibilities to show your artwork to perfection.

Silver Style


Stylish silver mouldings are available in a huge range of shapes, widths and colour tones. Flat profiles or something with a little more shape can compliment modern prints or equally be at home around a delicate watercolour image. Moulding samples are available at Waterhouse Framing to try against your artwork.

Classic Golds


Classic golds, considered to be a more traditional framing choice. A gold frame can work wonders with bold artwork colours, greens & reds in particular. As with other framing a vast range of styles and shapes are available. Gold frames with silver or other coloured distressed sections can also work well.

Urban Pewters & Metalics


Go out on a limb and frame some 'Street Art' in a contemporary Urban pewter frame for an ultra modern look. Frames are even available that look like they've gone rusty or made from hammered copper for a real quirky twist! As with all mouldings Waterhouse Framing can order a free sample to view.

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